French immigration
in New France

LEPAGE, Etienne, m. Nicole Berthelot, from Notre Dame de Ouanne, Auxerre, Yonne, France 1672

LEPAGE, Germain (son of Etienne and Nicole Berthelot). m. Reine Loury (or Lory), originally from Notre Dame de Ouanne, XNUMX.

LEPAGE by SAINTE-CLAIRE, René (son of Germain and Reine Loury). m. Madeleine Gagnon, from Ouanne. Auxerre, Yonne. 1672

LEPAGE, Louis dit Loup (son of Etienne and Nicole Berthelot). m. Sébastienne Loignon, native of Notre Dame d'Ouanne, Auxerre, Yonne.XNUMX.

LEPAGE, Constance (daughter of Etienne and Nicole Berthelot), m. François Garinet, native of Notre Dame d'Ouanne, Auxerre, Yonne.XNUMX

LEPAGE, Blaise (son of Louis and Catherine Bourget). mr. Marie Loup says Polish, originally from Thil-Riberpré (Le), Seine-Maritime.

LEPAGE, Gaspard (son of François and Antoinette Marigné). mr. Madeleine Gauthier / Landreville. native of St-Alban-Leysse, Chamberry, Savoie.

LEPAGE, Jacques. Originally from Tours (diocese), Indre-et-Loire. mr. Madeleine David. Soldier in the Carignan regiment. He moved to New England after his dismissal (Manhattan, United States, NY, New York). He returned to Montreal in 1699.

LEPAGE, Jacques (son of Jacques and M.-Louise Giffard, M.-Françoise Rose, originally from Villebois-Lavalette, Charente.

LEPAGE, Jacques. m. Marie-Louise Giffard. Huguenot, France.

LEPAGE, Jeanne-Marguerite. mr. Simon Gilbert. Perth Amboy, United States, NJ, Middlesex.

LEPAGE, Marie (daughter of Jacques and Madeleine David). mr. François Beauceron. New York, United States, NY, New York.

LEPAGE, Marie-Rogere (daughter of Sieur René and Catherine de Milot); King's daughter. m (1) Paul Bellefontaine; (2) Roch Thoéry sieur de l'Ormeau; (3) Jean-Baptiste Peuvret from the Menu. Clamecy (St-Martin), Nièvre ..

LEPAGE, Pierre. Condé-sur-Noireau, Calvados ..

LEPAGE, Suzanne. New York (Protestant Church). United States, NY, New York.

LEPAGE says BEAUSOLEIL, Francois-Joseph. Guise (St-Pierre), Aisne.

LEPAGE Bartholomew, says Jean-Mathieu, m. Thérèse-Angélique Lefebvre, originally from St-Germain-d'Aunay (Notre-Dame), Lisieux, France

LEPAGE, Jean, born in 1642, originally from Brittany. Soldier of a detachment company of the navy troops. He was hospitalized at the Hôtel-Dien in Quebec on November 9, 1698 for a period of 2 days.

LEPAGE, Michel, born in 1724, originally from Nantes, sailor, he was hospitalized at the Hôtel-Dieu in Quebec on July 29, 1750 for a period of 3 days.

LEPAGE OF LESCOAT, Jean-Gabriel-Marie, originally from the village of Lehon, canton of Dinan. At his burial, he is mentioned to be from the diocese of Saint-Pol-de-Léon, Finistère, Brittany. He entered the Sulpicians in 1709. From 1719 to 1725, he was attached to the parish of Notre-Dame de Montréal, then became parish priest in 1725. He died on February 7, 1733