Antoine Lepage (Pagé dit St-Antoine) by Julie LePage

Historical documents

By Julie LePage-Brassard

The ancestor Antoine lePage known as Saint-Antoine came to settle in New France around 1697; In 1698, he married Madeleine Colin, daughter of Mathurin Colin, master mason, and Jacqueline Labbé. They had sixteen children, all baptized at the Saint-Antoine-de-Pade church in the barony of Longueuil.

Antoine is a settler with no apparent profession. He cleared his land of 2 x 60 acres located on the banks of the Saint-Laurent, at the height of what is today Sainte-Hélène Island.

In an act dating from April 1707, the notary Antoine Adhémar (1668 – 1714) mentions that the ancestor Page (or lePage) known as Saint-Antoine is “strong as an ox”. He also died at the age of 87!

Antoine and Madeleine see three of their children become “travelers”. The notary François Lepailleur thus composes the summaries of acts involving Pierre and Joseph Page known as Saint-Antoine:

"Commitment of Joseph Page dit St-Antoine de Longueuil, traveler, to Pierre Papin dit Baronnet et cie, to make the trip to the post of Fort Pontchartrain du Détroit, to help get there a boat loaded with goods, and to come down again year, loaded with pelts (May 11, 1738) ”.

There are also 3 notarial acts in which the brothers François, Joseph and Pierre are each granted a land of 3 x 23 arpents on Chemin Chambly in Longueuil, by the Baron of Longueuil, Charles Lemoyne. (Notary Jean-Baptiste Jauvrin, 1735).

From settler to traveler, to charterer, to carpenter and shoemaker, the LePages have heart in their stomachs! They are found today in Quebec, French Ontario and New England under the names of lePage, Page, Pages and Saint-Antoine.

Text by Julie LePage-Brassard. Chronicle produced in collaboration with the Outaouais Genealogy Society, Inc., published August 17, 1992.


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1er Wedding: 3 July 1809


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