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Death 2019

At the Pierre Boucher Hospital of Longueuil, the 21 February 2019, at the age of 98 years, passed away Mrs. Marcelle Bordeleau, wife of the late Mr. Gilles René. Ms. Bordeleau was the mother of Suzanne René (0139 member). Suzanne is the wife of Maurice Lepage (0204 member).

At the Hôtel-Dieu d'Artabaska, the 18 Mars 2019, died André Page, aged 63, husband of Mrs. Gisèle Huppé. Mr. Page was the son of Jean Pagé and Liliane Desroches, the brother-in-law of Francine Deschamps-Page (110 member).

The 9 April 2019, died in Jonquière, Mrs. Jacqueline Lepage, at the age of 85 years and 6 months. She was the wife of the late Gilles Boily, the daughter of the late Rosario Lepage and the late Yvette St-Pierre. Jacqueline Lepage was the sister of Gisèle (Denis Boily) member 0303, Pauline (Daniel Côté) member 252, Marcel (Doris Fortin), Colette (Gaston Guérin) member 0032, and Denis (Carmen Aubut) member 0022.

Angeline Lepage, wife of Renald Rondeau, who died in Chibougamau on June 17 2019. She was the daughter of the late Arthur Lepage and the late Pierrette Bouchard, and Doriane's sister (0328 member)

In Terrebonne, the 25 June 2019, passed away Mr. Claude Lepage, son of Angelo Lepage and Juliette Barnes. He is survived by his mother, his two daughters (Sonya and Helen). He was the brother of Claire (0031), France (0057) and Marquise (0055).

Claude Lepage has been president of The 2010 Association at 2013.

In Rimouski 14 July 2019, passed away Mr. Nil Brisson, aged 85 years, husband of the late Madeleine Lepage. Mr. Brisson was the brother-in-law of Veronique (0072), Rita (0021), Robert (0067), Odette (0012), Carmen (0014), and Lise Lepage (0008).

Death 2018

Death of Georgette Lepage (born Lemieux), the 22 January 2018, at the age of 85 years. She was Alphonse's wife, (0026). In addition to her husband, she will be sadly missed by her children: Suzanne (Réjean Gaudreau), Monique (François Laplante), Michel (Isabelle Doré) and Luc, his ten grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren, his brothers and sisters She was also Jacqueline's sister-in-law (0094), Ernestine (0080), Philippe A (0010), Béatrice (0017), Marcel (0058), Jeannine (0246), and Odile (0244)

Death of Lisette Lepage, at Jonquière Hospital, the 25 March 2018, at the age of 74 years and 9 months, spouse of Réal Lapierre. She was the daughter of the late Rosario Lepage and the late Yvette St-Pierre. She was the mother of the late Pierre Trépanier (Nathalie Goulet), Chantale (Denis Lemay), Mathieu Lemay's grandmother, Amélie and Marilou Trépanier. Lisette was the sister of the late Jean-Paul (late Rachel Mathieu). Lucien fire (Céline Guérin), late Therese (late Armand Petitclerc), Jacqueline (late Gilles Boily), Colette (0032) (Gaston Guerin), Gisèle (0303) (Denis Boily), and Pauline (0252) (Daniel Côté), the late Jean-Guy, the late Rosaire, Marcel (Doris Fortin

Death of Philippe A. Lepageat the Rimouski Regional Hospital Center, the 08 April 2018, at the age of 83 years and 3 months. He was the husband of Mrs. Aurise Proulx.
In addition to his wife, he leaves his children mourning: Sylvain (Mona St-Jean), Jacinte (Patrice Brillant), Martine (Daniel Lanteigne), Andree (0222) (Hervé Bherer, his seven grandchildren, his brothers and sisters members of the association: Ernestine (0080), Alphonse (0026), Marcel (0058), Jeannine (0246), Béatrice (0017), Jacqueline (0094), and Odile (0244).
Philippe Proulx was a member of the Association

In Longueuil, the May 17, 2018 is dead Georges Goyette (0274). He was the husband of Ernestine (Christine) Lepage (0275). In addition to his wife, he is survived by his sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law: Martin (0084), Laurédan (0137), Adrienne (0164), Jean-Marc (0278), Damien (0276), Jean-Paul (0277) and Yolande Lavoie (0253).

Death of Julien Gosselin, at the Marie-Elisabeth House, in Rimouski, the July 13, 2018, at the age of 83 years, husband of Mrs. Odette Lepage, son of the late Mr. Odilon Gosselin and the late Mrs. Catherine Duchesne. In addition to his wife, he is survived by his daughter Isabelle (Martin Quesnel) and their children Laurence, the twins Louis and Charles and Emile, his son Etienne (Eve Larivière) and their twins Leanne and Florent.

Julien Gosselin was the brother-in-law of Robert, Rita, Véronique, Carmen and Lise

In Caraquet, at his residence, the 7 August 2018, died at the age of 71 years, Sir Gilles Lepage, former member (0236) husband of Gisèle Lanteigne. He leaves to mourn his children Andrée, France and Alain. He was the brother of Pierre-Paul (0003) of Rimouski and the nephew of Sister Rose-Emma of Sherbrooke (0279).

At his Ottawa residence, the December 19, 2018 has died Marie Lefèbvre née Lamontagne (0201 member), aged 72 years old. She was the daughter of the late Léopold Lamontagne and the late Cécile Lepage, wife of the late Pierre Lefèbvre. She leaves to mourn her children Martin and Sylvie Lefèbvre, her brothers Marc and André Lamontagne.

Death 2017

In Hearst, the January 26 2017, died at the age of 68 years old Mr Roger Lepage.
He was Paulette's brother (0214) and Yvon Joseph's cousin (0250)

Décès Normand Miron, 06 March 2017, spouse of Andrée Lepage (0182) and step-father of Elizabeth Lepage (0229).

Décès Jeannine Lamontagne, 18 March 2017, wife of André Gagnon (0153).

Décès Lucien Lepage, 31 May 2017. He was Pauline's father (0252).

Eugenie Lepage, 10 July 2017, member (0118). She was the niece of Sister Rose-Emma pssf (0279), the sister of Marius (0060), Sister Rose-Delima rsr (0280), Paul-Emile (0064), Antoinette (0028), Jean-Baptiste (0050) , Charles (0025) and Jeanne-d'Arc (0073)

Jacques Lepage, 21 July 2017. He was the cousin of Claire (0031), Claude (0042), Marquise (0055) and France (0057).

Death 2016

Décès Roland Lepage, February 28 2016. He was the brother of Mariette (0108) and Clémence (0089)

Décès Mildred Lepage, 07 April 2016. She was a member of the association (0313).

Décès Kathleen Soucy, 13 April 2016. She was the daughter of Louisa Lepage (0224).

Décès Denis Lamontagne, 15 April 2016, at the age of 74 years. He was the son of the late Cécile Lepage and the late Leopold Lamontagne.
He was the brother of Marie Lamontagne Lefebvre (0201) and Marc Lamontagne (0218).

Décès Marcel Lepage, 15 June 2016. He was the brother of Mariette (0108) and Clémence (0089).

Décès Marie-Claude Girard, 05 September 2016. She was the daughter of Elmire Lepage (0029).

Décès Cécile Devost, November 28 2016. She was the mother of Reynald (0299) and Daniel (0300).

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