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  • Gilles Lepage
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Bradford LePage

The Honorable Bradford LePage, 28e Lieutenant-Governor of Prince Edward Island from 1 October 1939 to 30 May 1945.

Catherine Lepage

Catherine Lepage was a smiling and funny little girl who drew a lot. Bigger, she wants to keep having fun. The solution is simple and the talent is there: she studied graphic design at the Cégep of Sainte-Foy and gets her DEC. Graphics is good; the illustration is even better. Our young graduate is going to perfect her skills in illustration in France, at the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg.

Claire Lepage

Lepage claire"She was born in Lachute in 1945, she won the first prize on 1965's Discoveries program (CFTM), the public who welcomed her records, she had some hits like" Love does not wait, Bang Bang, Senor and senorita "Claire Lepage is the revelation of the year at the 1966 Artists' Gala and she leaves her career in the early 70 years."

Dumont Lepage

Dumont Lepage, son of Norbert Lepage and Laure Sasseville, was born November 3 1903 in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts. His parents come to live in Vonda, Sask. in 1909. Dumont attended the Village Separate School and continued his high school studies at St. Boniface College, before taking a business course at a Prince Albert Institute. He was interested in Franco-Canadian organizations, and particularly in promoting the broadcasting of bilingual and French programs on state radio in the West. He was also interested in the material progress of his adopted village, Gravelbourg. He held the position of President of the local Chamber of Commerce for several years. He died on February 19 1974.

Ernest Lepage

Lepage ErnestFather Ernest Lepage, son of Athanase Lepage and Marie Dubé, was born in Rimouski, 1er June 1905. After his first studies, he did his classical course and his theological studies at Petit et Grand Seminaires of Rimouski and was ordained a priest by Bishop Georges Courchesne, November 3 1929. He occupies various ministries in the diocese of Rimouski. In 1933, he undertakes agronomic studies in Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière. He comes back with the title of BSA in 1936. Although he has earned an enviable reputation in his various ministries, he is famous as a botanist. In 1943, Laval University had awarded him a master's degree in science; in 1974, he received the Marie-Victorin medal for services rendered at Botany; in 1977, the University of Quebec at Rimouski awarded him an honorary doctorate; finally in 1979, he was decorated with the Order of Merit of the Agronomists.

He died in Rimouski on January 4 1981, at the age of 75 years and 7 months.

Father Ernest Lepage, biography

François Lepage

François Lepage, jeweler, Lévis

Françoise Lepage

Françoise Lepage focused her professional life on books and writing, first as a librarian and then as a librarian and archivist translator.

Gilbert Lepage

Lepage GilbertComedian, director and director, Gilbert Lepage is director of the Montreal Conservatory of Dramatic Art since 2 April 2002. To name just a few of his functions, he was the General and Artistic Director of Théâtre populaire du Québec and Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui, Artistic Director of Théâtre Beaumont Saint-Michel and Bateau-Théâtre L'Escale. For many years, he was vice-president of Théâtre associé inc. (TAI). He has been a director on the Board of Directors of the Montreal Arts Council and President of the Theater Sector. He has also taught for several years at the National Theater School and Theater options at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

Guy A. Lepage

Lepage guyGuy A. Lepage (Guy of his real name), son of Jean Lepage and Lyette Balthazar, was born in Montreal on August 30 1960. Author, composer, actor, performer, producer Guy A Lepage is an artist of great reputation, well known for his many roles on TV, among others in a guy a girl to name this show.

Henri Lepage

Henri Lepage, son of Cyprien Lepage and Eugénie Pineault, was born in Rimouski on July 14 1901. Accountant by profession. Like his brother Paul, he was particularly interested in radio and television. To name just a few of his many functions, he was one of the founding administrators of the Canadian Association of French-language Radio and Television (CART), which brings together private stations that broadcast in French. For many years, he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB-CAB). He died on August 26 1969.

Marc Lepage

Singer-songwriter: Marc Lepage was born in Saint-Pascal-de-Maizeret parish, Quebec, but spent most of his childhood in Beauport

Marie-Chantal Lepage

Lepage Marie chantalMarie-Chantal Lepage was sous-chef at Château Bonne Entente, chef at Bastille Chez Bahüaud and Melrose. In 1994, Manoir Montmorency uses its services. Since then, she has been working as an executive chef with her team, which in the high season counts around 30 people.

In June 2003, she traveled to Beyrout, Lebanon, where she was invited by the Canadian Embassy to present the finest products of Canadian cuisine. On this occasion, she presented an à la carte menu featuring Canada's far north salmon, Vancouver crab, scallops from NB, duck foie gras, Yukon knight, red deer and guinea fowl. from Quebec, pimbina jelly, veal, rabbit, and many other culinary delights from Canada.

She has represented Québec and Montmorency Manor on many occasions: Japan, Detroit, Chicago, New York and San Francisco. Ms. Lepage has accumulated the honors and the trophies thanks to her great qualities of leader and organizer of prestigious events. (The June Sun 2003).

President of the Canadian Federation of Chefs (FCCC)

Norbert Lepage

Norbert Lepage, son of Dumont Lepage and Rose-Délima Loiselle, was born in Saskatoon, Sask., The 27 June 1932. He attended Mathieu College in Gravelbourg, Sask. He also attended the Royal Military College in St-Jean, Quebec. Among his many responsibilities, he has been Director General of the 1985 Saskatchewan Cooperation Council at 1987, where he has been a member of 1988's Board of Directors since 1993. He has also served on 1997's National Board of Directors at 56. Grand Cooperator from Saskatchewan, Norbert Lepage was awarded the Canadian Cooperative Order of Merit at the 29e Annual CCC Conference Saturday, June 2002, XNUMX, Regina, Saskatchewan.

Marquise lepage

Lepage marquiseMarquise Lepage is a director and scriptwriter for film and TV. These achievements, appreciated by local and international critics, have been rewarded with numerous awards at home and abroad.

She has signed two feature films: Marie Goes to Town and La Fête des Rois, a children's series; many documentaries including The Forgotten Garden and Des marelles and the girls, recipients of several gemini including the best documentary.

More recently, she has just made several documents for TV: a documentary on breast cancer: By all breasts (channel-life and VAT); a historical fresco on slavery in New France: The Red and the Black in the Service of the White (TéléQuébec) and a biography on Jacques Parizeau:

The man behind the three-piece suit (Radio-Canada).
Marquise has a master's degree in film studies from the Université de Montréal, a Bacc. in Communications, specialized in cinema, UQAM, a DEC in social sciences Cégep de St-Jérôme. She did an internship in animation cinema in Annecy, France.
Marquise is native of Chénéville, Qc. She is the daughter of Angélo Lepage and Juliette Barnes.

Monik Lepage

Monik Lepage was born in St-Narcisse August 16 1941. She now lives in Le Bic, is married and has five children. His interest in the world of culture was manifested simultaneously with his involvement in the implementation of the municipal library in collaboration with the BCP in 1976 and as a volunteer leader until 1991.


Paul Lepage

Paul Lepage, son of Cyprien Lepage and Eugénie Pineault, was born in Rimouski January 31 1906. He has always been interested in promoting radio and television. He was a founding member of the Canadian Association of French-Language Radio and Television, which brings together French-language broadcasters. His organizational skills, his civic spirit and his great energy have made him a valuable member of several local and provincial associations, including the Young Chamber of Commerce. He died in 1961.

Roland Lepage

"At the age of 20, Roland Lepage, a graduate of Université Laval, began his studies in theater with Pierre Boucher and Paul Hébert in Quebec City, having studied and worked in theater in France. For many years, he has pursued a career as an actor in the theater, radio and television, especially in youth programs ".

Yves Lepage

Yves LEPAGE Professor, Ph.D. (Montreal 1972), Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Montreal.

Gaston Lepage

Lepage gastonGaston Lepage is from Saint-Félicien, Lac-Saint-Jean. He is a comedian whose reputation is second to none. A graduate of the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in 1974, he has played leading roles in theater and television. He is known throughout Quebec. Until recently, he hosted the morning show Les 3 Mousquetaires at Radio-Canada with Chantal Lamarre and Louis-Georges Girard. Gaston Lepage is also an aviation enthusiast in the deepest sense of the word. He was among the first members (the 155e) of the Quebec Brush Pilots Association
in 1983.

Gilles Lepage

Lepage gillesGilles Lepage was born in Rimouski September 30 1946.

He holds a degree in Business Administration from the Université de Moncton. In 1969, he began working as an auditor with the Fédération des caisses populaires acadiennes. His professional skills and leadership allow him to easily climb the ladder within the Federation. He is appointed successively, director of follow-up in 1973, manager of the United Audit and Inspection Services and manager of the Conseil acadien de la co- operation en 1978.

In addition to his duties as manager, he became the 1988 responsible for the Stabilization and Technology Office for the Caisses populaires acadiennes network. That same year, he was also appointed Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Federation. Six years later (January 1994), he is appointed to the prestigious position of President and Chief Executive Officer of the Mouvement des caisses populaires acadiennes. Mr. Lepage has implemented a new structure including the creation of two holding companies: Acadie Financial Inc. and Acadian Services Corporation Inc.

Devoted to his community and a great visionary of the future of Acadia, Mr. Lepage was awarded the title of "Alumni of the Year" of the Faculty of Administration of the Université de Moncton at his 34e banquet. He was also recognized by the prestigious Canadian magazine MacLean's as one of the 10 Canadian personalities who made a remarkable contribution to their community. In May 2004, he received an honorary doctorate in business administration from the Université de Moncton.

Mr. Lepage currently sits on several boards of directors such as the CUMIS Group, the Province of New Brunswick Pension Fund, Blue Cross, the Atlantic Provinces Chamber of Commerce, the Atlantic Institute for Market Research. Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, and the Fondation des Jeux de l'Acadie.

Mr. Lepage is married with three children and lives in Caraquet, New Brunswick.

Robert Lepage

Lepage robertRobert Lepage, son of Fernand Lepage and Germaine Robitaille, was born in Quebec City on December 12 1957. He entered the Quebec Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in 1975. In 1978, he goes to Paris to pursue studies with Alain Knapp. In 1980, he joined Théâtre Repère, a Quebec company where he became, in a few years, one of the main creative forces in the country. . To know more:

Robert Lepage - Resume
Robert Lepage

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