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Lepage families: first generations

Etienne Lepage and Nicole Berthelot


Etienne Lepage married before 1633, Nicole Berthelot.

Child (s):
Germain born before 1634.
Louis born December 7, 1636.
Constance born June 11, 1645.

2nd Generation

Germain Lepage born before 1634, ND d'Ouanne, diocese of Auxerre, France, married around 1652, in Ouanne, France, Reine Lory, born in 1631, died February 26, 1696, St-François, IO Germain died February 26, 1723, Rimouski.

Louis Lepage born December 7, 1636, Ouanne, France, married August 24, 1667, (Notaire Duquet Contract), Sébastienne Loignon, born August 27, 1653, Quebec, (daughter of Pierre-Denis Loignon and Françoise Roussin) died December 3, 1702, St-François, IO Louis died November 27, 1710, St-François, IO

Constance Lepage born June 11, 1645, ND Ouanne, France, married February 5, 1674, in Ste-Famille, IO, François Garinet, born in 1635, (son of Pierre Garinet and Marguerite Emie) died March 20, 1715, St-François, IO Constance died August 18, 1688, St-François, IO


Pierre Pagési and Marie Millet

1. Pierre Pagesi married Marie Millet.

Second generation

2. Jean-Baptiste Pagési known as St-Amand born around 1650, Gémozac, France, married February 14, 1684, in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Marie-Catherine Gladu de Cognac, born around 1667, (daughter of Jean Gladu dit Cognac and Marie Langlois) died November 23, 1737 Jean-Baptiste died April 27, 1695, in Boucherville.

Third generation

3. Jean-Baptiste Pagési said Lepage, born October 26, 1692, in Lachine, married September 6, 1717, in Quebec, Marie-Anne Ondoyer, born February 13, 1697, (daughter of Martin Ondoyer and Marie Esnard) died January 31, 1773, in Montreal. Jean-Baptiste died November 28, 1764, in Montreal (Bout-de-l'Île).

Blaise Lepage and Marie-Louise Loup-Poles

1. Louis Lepage born circa 1650, in Til-en-Bray, Rouen, Normandy, France, married Catherine Bourget.

Blaise born in 1687.

Second generation

Blaise Lepage born in 1687, Til-en-Bray, Rouen, Normandy, France, married September 5, 1718, in Quebec, Marie-Louise Loup-Polonais, born in 1697, (daughter of André Loup and Marie Staims). Blaise died May 31, 1723, in Quebec.

Gaspard Lepage and Madeleine Gauthier

1. François Lepage married Antoinette Marigné.

2. Gaspard.

Second generation

Gaspard Lepage married on February 22, 1762, in L'Assomption, Madeleine Gauthier, (daughter of Jean Gautier and Marie-Jeanne Daveluy).

Denis François and Jeanne Gendreau

1. Denis Francois married Jeanne Gendreau.

Pierre-Charles L. born in 1631.

Second generation

2. Pierre-Charles L. Francois-Lefrancois said Lepage, born in 1631, in St-Laurent-de-la-Prée, near France, married on August 16, 1670, in Quebec, Marie-Madeleine Gaumond, born in 1646.

Jacques Lepage and Marie-Françoise Rose

Jacques Lepage born in 1667, in La Valette, Angouleme, Charente, France, (son of Jacques Lepage and Marie-Louise Giffard) married August 2, 1694, in Quebec (Notre-Dame), Marie-Françoise Rose, born February 26, 1677, in Quebec, (daughter of Noël Rose and Marie Du Mont-Mesny) died March 26, 1711, in Charlesbourg. Jacques died October 4, 1712, in Charlesbourg.

Antoine Pagé dit St-Antoine and Madeleine Colin

1. Antoine Pagé said St-Antoine born in France, married December 31, 1698, in Longueuil, Qc, Madeleine Colin, born May 8, 1681, in Boucherville, (daughter of Mathurin Colin and Jacqueline Labbé) died April 3, 1756, in Longueuil. Antoine died February 12, 1753, in Longueuil.

2nd Generation

Pierre Pagé said St-Antoine Lepage, born December 18, 1710, in Longueuil, married (1) March 4, 1737, in Montreal, Thérèse Jusseaume-St-Pierre, born July 23, 1718, in Montreal, (daughter of Léonard Jusseau and Angélique Laporte) died November 24 1749, in Longueuil, married (2) on February 22, 1751, in Longueuil, Marie-Françoise Patenaude, (daughter of Charles Patenaude and Marie-Jeanne Lhuissier).

Joseph Pagé known as St-Antoine Le page, born October 25, 1715, in Longueuil, married January 15, 1742, in Longueuil, Qc, Angélique Patenaude, (daughter of Etienne Patenaude and Angélique Lamarre).


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