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St-François, Île d'Orléans: Germain and Louis

St. Francis of Orleans Island

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Germain and Louis Lepage (son of Etienne Lepage and Nicole Berthelot) arrive in the country to 1661 and settle on the Island of Orleans in 1664. They are granted land at St. Francis. Germain will take the lot 152 and Louis the lot 151. Terminal report. on the royal road. Germain was a neighbor of Pierre Labbé (the ancestor of Labbé), lot 153 and Louis was next to Louis Marsault (Marceau), lot 150. In the vicinity of Lepage. there was also Pierre Gasnier (Gagné), Jean Jolain (Jolin), and others that bordered the Lepage.

"9 July 1664, Germain and Louis Lepage are full-fledged inhabitants in the Colony; they can become owners, Barbe de Boulogne, widow of Louis d'Ailleboust, sieur de Coulonges, owner of the back-fief of Argentenay on the island of Orleans, grants to the brothers Lepage 4 arpents of land abreast in the territory of the current parish of Saint-François. At the 1666 census, Louis and Germain live well on the island. The following year, the enumerators indicate that they own 15 arpents in culture and that they live between the neighbors Pierre Loignon and Gabriel Rouleau, said Sanssoucy. Queen Lory and the son Rene have not yet arrived in the colony. In the summer of 1667, Lepage had a home and furniture that could be used as a springboard for a new home. The happy future wife elected to Louis was named Sébastien Loignon or Aloignon (onion!). »» From Gérard Lebel. Louis Lepage by Father Gerard Lebel. René will arrive with his mother Reine Loury towards 1673. Germain decided in 1696, after the death of Reine, to join his son Rene, Lord of Rimouski, at Rimouki.

Descendants of Louis Lepage are still living in St-François on the Île d'Orléans, including André Lepage, who owns the Ancestral Land of Lepage, previously occupied by his father Noël Lepage (Jeanne-d'Arc Dufour) and his grandfather Adélard Lepage (Anne-Marie Picard). Jean-Baptiste Lepage, son of Adélard and father of Serge Lepage, was born on this ancestral land.

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