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House Lamontagne


House lamontagne

Maison Lamontagne in Rimouski
House built around 1750 by Marie-Agnès Lepage
(Daughter of Pierre Lepage
and Marie-Anne Trépagny)
and her husband Basile Côté
Source: Wikipedia

Historical: “Marie-Agnès Lepage married Basile Côté in 1744. The father of the bride - Lord Pierre Lepage - offered the couple a large piece of land in Rimouski. The young household had the house built around 1750. At that time, the property consisted of a main building with a square plan and a pierroté half-timbered frame. Geneviève Côté, Marie-Agnès Lepage's daughter, had an extension to the residence built in 1810. The new main building has a post frame on a floor. These techniques being poorly adapted to the Quebec climate, the walls of the house are covered with plaster and wood throughout its history. The house passed into the hands of the Lamontagne family in 1844, and the Lamontagne owned it until 1920. The Lamontagne house was listed as a historic monument in 1974. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs acquired it and restored it. Handed over to the municipality of Rimouski in 1994, it now houses an interpretation center where part of the archaeological collection is particularly highlighted. "

Directory of cultural property and boroughs in Quebec
Culture and Communications, Quebec.

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