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Lepage Park

gerard park 

LePage Park John Day River at the confluence of the John Day and the Columbia. Lewis and Clark called the John River Day the "River The Page", after Jean Baptiste Lepage, member of the Corps of Discovery, a French trapper who joined the Lewis and Clark expedition at the Mandan villages.

This Jean-Baptiste Lepage who gave his name to Lepage Park was born on August 20, 1761 in Kaskashia, Illinois. He is the son of Prisque Pagé and Marie-Françoise Michel. Prisque Pagé is the son of Pierre Pagé and Marie-Catherine Morisset. Pierre Pagé is the son of Robert Pagé, the ancestor of the Pagé of America.

Photo of Gérard Lepage taken by Anne-Marie Nault Lepage

Don house Park-Lepage-Whitehorse yukon lepage

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Website : Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

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