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Marc Lepage (father of Andrée Lepage) and his brother Hilarion

Lepage Marc

Marc Lepage, son of Pierre Lepage and Marie-Jeanne Bernier
husband of Yvonne Poulin and father of Andrée Lepage (member 182) of Pierrefonds
He is pictured here with his coat of Canada Post, the position he held
when he arrived in Montreal in 1932. He died drowned in St-Anaclet de Lessard
at Lac Desrosiers while on vacation.

Lepage Hilarion

Hilarion Lepage (2e row, last right), son of Pierre Lepage and Marie-Jeanne Bernier, husband of
Rose-Aimée Langlois, uncle of Andrée Lepage (182 member) of Pierrefonds and father of Guy and Gilles Lepage.
This photo is from 1942 at the Rimouski Seminary, when he was 15 years old.
Hilarion was born in Rimouski on 17 June 1926 and lives in Rimouski.

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