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Ancestral house of Pierre-Paul Lepage in Rimouski

Ancestral house Pierre Paul LepageThis ancestral home, (photo 1960)
located on Rang du Sommet in Rimouski
was built in 1825 and since then, from father to son, by:
Pierre Lepage and Agnès Ruest;
Joseph Lepage and Scholastique Pineau;
Etienne Lepage and Victoria Gagnon;
Athanase Lepage and Marie Dubé;
Lucien Lepage and Bernadette Dechamplain;
Pierre-Paul Lepage and Yvette Laplante.

The first house, built in 1825 by Pierre Lepage, was subsequently renovated by Athanase Lepage in 1939 and by Lucien Lepage in 1960. Pierre-Paul Lepage, son of Lucien Lepage and Bernadette Dechamplain, now occupies this house.


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