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Photo of Father Edouard Lepage

Lepage edouard abbeBorn the 6 February1899 in Rimouski, he is the son of Joseph Lepage and Elisabeth Lepage. He did his classical studies at the Petit Seminary of Rimouski (1812-194); at Lévis College (1914-1916) and then again at Rimouski (1916-1920). He is ordained priest by Bishop Leonard, the 29 May 1926 in Rimouski.

1926-1938: he is professor and master of infirmary at the small seminary of Rimouski.

1936: he is named serving in the mission of St-Guy.

1936-1938: He is a bursar and assistant public prosecutor at the bishopric of Rimouski.

From 1938, he is successively parish priest of the following parishes:

1938-1941: St-Médard
1941-1943: St-Jean-de-la-Lande
1943-1948: Lac-des-Aigles
1948-1953: Ste-Flavie
1953-1961: Ste-Blandine
1961-1966: Squatec
1966-1968: Three Pistoles

He died at his residence on December 15 1969

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