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Photo of Father Ernest Lepage

Lepage Ernest Abbe

Photo taken in front of the Middle School of Agriculture of
Rimouski, where he taught for many years.

Born June 1, 1905 in Rimouski, he is the son of Athanase Lepage and Marie Dubé.

He did his primary, classical and theological studies in Rimouski. He was ordained a priest by Bishop Courchesne on November 3, 1929 in Rimouski.

1930: he is appointed vicar at St-Moïse.
1933: he studied agronomics at La Pocatière where he obtained his BScA in 1936.

He was then a professor for many years at the Middle School of Agriculture in Rimouski and was interested in the field of plants. Recognized as a famous botanist and naturalist, he traveled across Quebec, Ontario, Alaska; he herbalised, he discovered new plants and set up a very valuable herbarium.

1943: he obtains a master's degree in science (MSc) from Laval University.
1943: he is awarded the Marie-Victorin Medal.
1977: he obtains an honorary doctorate from the University of Quebec at Rimouski (UQAR).
1979: he is decorated with the Order of Merit of Agronomists.

He died in Rimouski on January 4, 1981.


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