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50e Wedding Anniversary of Georgette Lemieux and Alphonse Lepage


On June 23, relatives and friends gathered in a picturesque corner of Chambly to celebrate the 50e wedding anniversary of Georgette and Alphonse Lepage. Congratulations to the jubilees




alphonse1Photo of Alphonse and Georgette Lepage, Toronto, 1960
Alphonse was born on September 8, 1933 in Rimouski (Ste-Odile);
he is the son of Oscar Lepage and Irène Ruest.
His studies:
Rimouski Seminar: BA 1947-54
Laval University (Quebec): B.Com. 1954-59
Society of Actuaries, Chicago, FSA 1957-68
LOMA Management Course, New York, 1969

He married Georgette Lemieux (daughter of Ludger Lemieux and Yvette Turcotte). He is the parent of 4 children, including the first 2: Suzanne and Monique in the photo.

Alphonse has had an exceptional career as an actuary in the insurance industry;
as president and director of multiple companies;
former mayor of Brossard;
and member of numerous boards of directors in his region.
He lives in Brossard, Qc, and is retired.

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