50e Wedding Anniversary of Georgette Lemieux and Alphonse Lepage


Last June, parents and friends gathered in a picturesque corner of Chambly to celebrate 23e wedding anniversary of Georgette and Alphonse Lepage. Congratulations to the jubilarians

alphonse1Photo of Alphonse and Georgette Lepage, Toronto, 1960
Alphonse was born on 8 September 1933 in Rimouski (Ste-Odile);
he is the son of Oscar Lepage and Irène Ruest.
His studies:
Rimouski Seminar: BA 1947-54
Laval University (Quebec): B.Com. 1954-59
Society of Actuaries, Chicago, FSA 1957-68
LOMA Management Course, New York, 1969

He married Georgette Lemieux (daughter of Ludger Lemieux and Yvette Turcotte). He is a parent of 4 children, whose first 2: Suzanne and Monique on the photo.

Alphonse has had an outstanding career as an actuary in the insurance field;
as president and director of multiple companies;
former mayor of Brossard;
and a member of numerous boards of directors in his region.
He lives in Brossard, Que., And is retired.