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The descendants of Rosario Lepage and Yvette St-Pierre


Lepage Rosario01Meeting of 1er July 2007 in Jonquière

July 1, 2007 is a date that the Lepage de Jonquière family is not ready to forget. Denis Lepage had the idea of ​​organizing a gathering of the direct descendants of his father Rosario, who died in 1985. He would have been 100 years old on July 18. This Lepage family now has 122 direct descendants: 14 children, 34 grandchildren, 68 great-grandchildren and 6 great-great-grandchildren.

The purpose of this meeting at the Jonquière family home was to fraternize, to keep in touch, to remember many memories and especially to have a thought for those who have left us too quickly. Despite a changing temperature, the event brought together around 75 people.

It all started with a group visit to the Columbarium in Jonquière and to the family grounds, the cemetery. Which will seem special to some, but really appreciated by the participants. Back at the family home, under shelters installed on the ground, there was an exhibition of photos on large boxes and several albums had been prepared for the occasion, which allowed to indulge in beautiful memories and remember good times with those present. Our thoughts were with those who could not be there, just as with those we visited at their last rest.

It all ended with a Hot Dogs-Hamburgers supper accompanied by a cold buffet and a huge cake, prepared and served with special attention by family members. A souvenir was given to each family and it was possible to get a placemat featuring the talented scrapbooking work of Nadia Lepage, daughter of Denis, with photos of the seven members who died in recent years on one side of the placemat, and on the other, the organization chart of our Lepage family that I prepared myself.

A special thank you was sent to all those who put their hands in making this celebration a real success.

Pauline Lepage

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