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The eight sisters Lepage (daughters of Régis Lepage)


8 sisters Lepagev2

Photo of 8 sisters Lepage (taken between 1910 and 1920 by H. Larocque, Lewiston, Me)


Daughters of Régis Lepage and Vitaline Giguère. In order: Bertha, Adrienne, Juliette, Germaine, Gracieuse, Marguerite, Dolorès and Georgette. Not pictured Marie and Régis A. These 8 Lepage sisters are the aunts of Albert A. Lepage, president of "Lepage Bakeries" in Auburn, Maine. Régis immigrated to the United States in 1888 and married Vitaline Giguère in St-François, IO in 1898. He founded his own bakery in 1903 on Chestnut Street in Lewiston, Me. The 100th anniversary of this bakery, one of the most thriving in the northeastern United States, was celebrated in 2003.

Information obtained from Robert Lepage and Reynald Lepage.

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