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In 1702: Death of Sébastienne Loignon in St-François, IO 3 December 1702.

In 1703: August 25, René Lepage acquires the Pachot fief at Rivière-Métis. He also obtained part of the seigneury Lessard, from Pierre Lessard (Pointe-au-Père or La Mollaye)

In 1710: Death of Louis Lepage at St-Francois, IO 27 November 1710.

In 1712: Construction of the first chapel in Rimouski.

In 1715: On April 6, Mgr de Saint-Valier ordained Louis Lepage priest and immediately sent him to minister as parish priest in the parish of Île-Jésus, near Montreal.

In 1717: Testament of Germain Lepage

In 1718: Death of the lord-founder René Lepage of Rimouski at the age of 62 years. The lordship, M.-Magdeleine Gagnon survived him 26 years.

In 1720: Louis Lepage, parish priest, buys the seigneury of Terrebonne for 10 000 livres, creates the "Les Bois" mission and builds the first chapel.

In 1723: Date of canonical foundation of the parish of Saint-Louis de Terrebonne.

In 1723: Death of Germain Lepage in Rimouski.

In 1724: The seigneury of Rimouski is bequeathed by René Lepage of Sainte-Claire to his son, Pierre Lepage of Saint-Barnabé (1 / 2), and to his other children (1 / 2).

In 1734: Construction of the first church of St-François-de-Sales, Ile-d'Orléans.

In 1742: Construction of the first church of Rimouski. The second in 1790.

In 1744: Maison Lamontagne, wooden house, built for the wedding of Marie-Agnès Lepage (Daughter of Pierre Lepage, 2e Lord of Rimouski) and Basile Côté (27 September 1744). The oldest house in Bas-St-Laurent. It has become a museum in 1982.

In 1745: The parish priest of Terrebonne abandons his seigniory and yields it to Louis de Chapt, lord of Lacombe.

In 1747: 1750 The seigniory of Pointe-au-Père, also called La Mollay and Lessard, is gradually acquired by Paul Lepage de la Mollay.

In 1751: Increase of the seigniory of Rimouski by 1 1 / 4 league of front on 2 deep leagues in favor of Pierre Lepage of Saint-Barnabé.

In 1756: Paul Lepage de la Mollay hands over his rights in the seigneury of Trois-Pistoles to Nicolas-Dominique Lepage de la Fossaye in exchange for the rights of the latter in the seigneury of Rimouski

In 1762: Construction of a first chapel in Rimouski.

In 1762: The February 22, marriage of the ancestor Gaspard Lepage and Madeleine Gauthier-Landreville to the Assumption.

In 1762: December 3, death of Louis Lepage, parish priest and lord of Terrebonne.

In 1775: The seigneury of Pointe-au-Père is shared by Paul Lepage's heirs (Isabelle Lepage, Marie Lepage, Pierre Lepage of Saint-Barnabé, Thérèse Lepage, Cécile Lepage, Geneviève Lepage, Véronique Lepage and Lepage de Saint-Germain).

In 1787: Construction of a second chapel to replace the first in Rimouski.

In 1790: Joseph Drapeau acquires the seigniory of Rimouski and Métis. He becomes lord of Rimouski and Métis.

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