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In 1823: Construction of the third church of Rimouski. The oldest stone church in eastern Quebec, which will become the regional museum of Rimouski 24 June 1972. It is located between the cathedral and the Rimouski Maritime Institute.

In 1825: Construction of the house occupied today by Pierre-Paul Lepage, on the top row at Rimouski, a house built by Pierre Lepage and Agnès Ruest (Mr. 29 January 1811), renovated several times thereafter.

In 1829: Canonical erection of the parish of Sainte-Luce, on the territory of the former lordship Lepage-Thibierge of Anse-aux-Coques.

In 1833: Appointment of the first resident parish priest of Rimouski. The seigniory belongs in part to the heirs of Joseph Drapeau and in part to the heirs of Louis Lepage, Charles Lepage, Paulette Lepage, Jean Lepage, Ulger Lepage, Édouard Pouliot, Victor Rehel, Alexandre and Etienne Côté, André Côté, Théodore Gagnon, Pierre Gagné said Bellavance, Hilaire Saint-Laurent, Octave Ruest, Siméon Lelièvre, Nicolas Lévesque and Olivier Pinault.

In 1854: Abolition of the seigneurial regime.

In 1854: Construction of the current Cathedral of Rimouski which will be finished in 1862. Opening the 9 January 1862. Erection in the cathedral 15 January 1867 by Mgr Jean Langevin and consecration 28 may 1953 by Mgr Charles-Eugene Parent.

In 1858: The 10 march, canonical erection of the parish of St-Anaclet de Lessard, on part of the territory of the former lordship of Pierre Lessard.

By Marius Lepage

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