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8- A Montreal inventor, Adolphe Lepage:

Adolphe Lepage designs a water valve. The patent dates from September 26, 1879 and bears the number 10, 482. Cf "premiers inventions québecoises", by Guy Giguère, Les éditions Quebecor. Thanks Denis.

9- His Excellency Jacques Roy, ambassador to France:

Mr. Jacques Roy is of Burgundian origin through his ancestor Antoine Roy. It is also by one of his grand-grandfathers called Ursule Lepage (born in Rimouski, December 28, 1831, daughter of Eloi Lepage and Julienne Pineau, died in St-Anne-des-Monts, August 2, 1894).

10- Louis Lepage, Lord and parish priest of Terrebonne

In 1715, Louis Lepage of Sainte-Claire, son of René Lepage, the new parish priest of Lachenaie, served the first inhabitants of Terrebonne. In 1720, he bought the seigneury of Terrebonne, created the mission "les Bois" and built the first chapel. He established mills on the seigneury, he was a timber trader for the construction of the King's ships and he even asked for permission to operate iron mines !. 1723 is the founding date of the parish of St-Louis de Terrebonne, now known as St-Louis-de-France.

11- Germain Lepage, son of Etienne Lepage and Nicole Berthelot:

He was born around 1636 in Notre-Dame-de-Ouanne, Auxerre, Yonne, France. He marries Queen Lory around 1658 in Ouanne, Auxerre. He was confirmed on June 3, 1664 in Quebec, at the age of 28. According to the censuses, in 1666, he was a resident of Ile d'Orléans; in 1667, he lived with his brother Louis on Île d'Orléans on a land of fifteen arpents in value; in 1681, he resides with his wife and son René in the county of Saint-Laurent and owns a gun, twelve horned animals and fifty arpents of land in value.. In 1696, after the death of his wife, he left the island to join his son René in Rimouski. He died on February 26, 1723 in Rimouski.

12- Etienne Lepage:

“Etienne Lepage. Born in a village other than Ouanne, near the town of Auxerre, he was still alive in 1648. He may have left France in 1672, with his daughter-in-law Reine Loury, his daughter Constance and his baby. -son René, to join his two sons Louis and Germain in Canada, on the Île d'Orléans. In a baptismal certificate, established on February 27, 1673 in Sainte-Famille, we find the name of a certain Etienne Lepage, next to the names of Constance Lepage and René Lepage. The first ancestor of the Lepage family would therefore have died in Canada at a very advanced age. Before the year 1627, in France, he had married Nicole Berthelot. Born under the reign of King Henry IV, she was still alive in 1648. Nothing suggests that she too left for Canada, like her husband and children.
Text by Pierre Le Clercq »

13- St-Germain Parish of Rimouski:

The element Germain evokes the first name of the first inhabitant of Rimouski, Germain Lepage, father of René Lepage, sieur de Sainte-Claire, who acquired, in 1694, the seigneury of Rimouski originally granted to Augustin Rouer de Villeray and La Cardonnière, in 1688. As for Rimouski, taken from the name of the river which crosses the territory and which is mentioned in 1688, in the deed of concession of the fief and seigneury of Rimouski and Saint-Barnabé, it dates back, according to Monsignor Laflèche, to a Mi'kmaq word, animouski in the language of the Saulteaux, from animousk, dog, and ki or gi, remains. Source:welcome to rimouski city

14- The surname Lepage:

Among the most common surnames in Quebec, the Lepage surname comes from 122th rank, well after Tremblay (1), Gagnon (2), Roy (3), Côté (4), Bouchard (5), Gauthier (6), Morin (7), Lavoie (8), Fortin (9), Dubé (24) ................. Soucy (239).

15- Lepage Bakeries: History

The Lepage Bakeries company, well known in New England, was founded in Lewiston, Maine, in 1903 by a native Quebecer from Ile-d'Orléans: François-Régis Lepage (son of François-Xavier Lepage and Vitaline Lepage) . FX Lepage was born on March 13, 1873 in St-François, IO and maria Vitaline Giguère on January 24, 1898 in St-François, IO He died in 1949. The Lepage Bakeries company is celebrating its centenary this year (2003).

Albert R. Lepage, Chairman
Lepage Bakeries, Inc.
PO Box 1900
Auburn, Maine 04211-1900

Here is what Albert R. Lepage, president of the company said (Sept2003).

We celebrated the 100th Anniversary of our company this summer. Grandfather, Francois Regis Lepage, was born in St. Francois, Ile d'Orleans in 1873. He moved to the United States in 1888. His wife Vitaline Giguere was born in Ste-Famille, Orleans Island. They had 11 children born in the USA. My father, Regis A. Lepage, was the only son. He married Corinne Croteau and had four children, one of whom is me.

My siblings, Lucille Lepage Sedgeley of New York City, Francoise Odette Lepage of San Rafael CA, and Regis F. Lepage of Auburn ME will be joining your organization.
The following is a short exerp from our company's history ..

Lepage Bakeries is the largest and one of the last independent commercial premium, private label, and food service baking companies in New England. The company distributes its Country Kitchen and Barowsky's products throughout northeastern United States.

The Lepage Bakeries Story began when François Regis Lepage (1873-1949) established his bakery shop in 1903 on Lewiston, Maine's Chestnut Street. Regis A. Lepage (1910-1985), FR's only son joined the bakery in 1933. He guided the bakery through the Great Depression, World War II, the introduction of the brand Country Kitchen in 1951 and the development of "batter whipped" continuous mix bread in 1954.

By the time Regis A. retired in 1979, Lepage Bakeries had become one of Northern New England's major wholesale bakeries.

Chairman Albert R. Lepage, Regis A.'s, and President / CEO Andrew P. Barowsky, who joined the Company in 1971 and 1977 respectively, have further expanded the business. In 1993, Bakery Production and Marketing, the industry's leading publication, Lepage Bakeries as the Wholesale Baker of the Year, citing the Company's leadership approach to growth, technology and productivity. The Company opened a new state-of-the-art plant in Brattleboro, Vermont in May 1994, to meet the ever-expanding demand for our quality products.

Albert R. Lepage, President

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