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16- Anniversary

June 8, 2004 will mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Athanase Lepage, grandfather of Marius, Maurice, Charles and Jean-Paul Lepage, of the Board of Directors of the Lepage families, as well as of several other members of the Association.

17- Weddings Lepage-Rioux-Côté-St Laurent-D'Amours

Descendants of ancestor Etienne Lepage frequent the descendants of Lord Rioux de Trois-Pistoles and Lord Côté de l'Isle-verte:

Nicolas-Dominique (son of René Lepage, lord of Rimouski) married in 1742 Marie-Madeleine Rioux, a daughter of Nicolas Rioux, lord of Trois-Pistoles

Paul (son of René) married in 1734 Marie-Catherine Rioux, a daughter of Nicolas Rioux

Véronique Lepage (daughter of Pierre Lepage (son of René), 2nd lord of Rimouski) marries in 1749 Etienne Rioux, a son of Nicolas Rioux.

Pierre Lepage (son of Pierre Lepage) married in 1749 Véronique Rioux, a daughter of Nicolas Rioux.

Germain Lepage (son of Pierre Lepage) married in 1748 Marie-Geneviève Rioux, a daughter of Nicolas Rioux.

Marie-Agnès Lepage (daughter of Pierre Lepage) marries Basile Côté in 1744, son of Gabriel Côté, Lord of L'Isle-verte.

Isabelle Lepage (daughter of Pierre Lepage) marries in 1753 Jean-Baptiste Côté, son of Jean Côté, first lord of Isle-Verte.

Nicolas Rioux, the lord of Trois-Pistoles, is the son of Jean Rioux and Catherine Leblond, the ancestor of all the Rioux of America. originally from Ploujean, a small village in Finistère, Brittany. Gabriel Côté is the son of Jean Côté, Lord of L'Isle-verte, grandson of Jean Costé dit le frisé Landroche, the ancestor of the Côté d'Amérique. Lordship of Île-Verte

Constance Garinet, the daughter of Constance Lepage (sister of Germain and Louis Lepage, married in 1699 Pierre Laurent or St-Laurent, son of Etienne St-Laurent (the ancestor of the St-Laurent) and Marguerite Viger.

Joseph St-Laurent, son of Pierre St-Laurent, married in 1739 Marie-Louise Rioux, a daughter of Nicolas Rioux, lord of Trois-Pistoles.

Marie-Geneviève St-Laurent, the daughter of Joseph St-Laurent, married in 1763 Ambroise D'Amours of Trois-Pistoles (the ancestor of the D'Amours of America). Ambroise D'Amours therefore married the granddaughter of the lord of Trois-Pistoles and became co-lord of Trois-Pistoles.

18- History of Toussaint Cartier:

Toussaint Cartier1 (1707 - 1767)
He was born around 1707. He arrived in 1728 at the Saint-Germain parish in Rimouski. He had walked the path which, through the forest, led from Restigouche to Métis by Lake Matapedia. Toussaint Cartier hosted Sieur Pierre Lepage from Saint-Barnabé on Île Saint-Barnabé, across from Rimouski. On November 5, 1728, Sieur Pierre Lepage de Saint-Barnabé made him a donation of land on Île Saint-Barnabé in the presence of Father Ambroise Rouillard, Basile Gagnier and Charles Souslevent. He is a hermit on Île Saint-Barnabé. He helps the survivors of the "Saint-Esprit" shipwreck in Rimouski, whose only survivors are Loubarat, DeCondamin, DeSouvenier, Abbé Joseph Chesnot and Pierre Brunet. On January 29, 1767, Charles Lepage, noticing that there was no fire in the fireplace in his cabin, took him home. Toussaint died on January 30, 1767 in the parish of Saint-Germain in Rimouski and was buried on January 31, 1767 in the church of the parish of Saint-Germain in Rimouski by Father Ambroise Rouillard.

19- Seigneurie Lepage of St. Clair:

Sainte-Claire See map, seigneury 11, near Cap-St-Ignace

* County-MRC / County-RCM: Montmagny
* Municipalities / Municipalities:
* Extent / Area: 1 league x 2 leagues behind / behind Gagné and Gamache
* Lords / Landlords:
1. René Lepage from Sainte-Claire, 17-03-1693
2. Pierre Lepage de Saint-Barnabé (inherited from his father), 1718 

20- René Lepage Sieur de Sainte-Claire (son of Germain & Reine Loury)

René Lepage was baptized on April 10, 1656, in Ouanne in Auxerrois. He was only 5 years old when his father left France in 1661 to work in Canada. It was not until (probably) 1673 that he left France with his mother Reine Loury and his aunt Constance Lepage. He will stay on the Île d'Orléans with his parents. On June 10, 1686, at the age of 30, he married Marie-Madeleine Gagnon (aged 15) in Ste-Anne de Beaupré, who gave him 16 children, 8 boys and 8 girls. One of his sons, Louis, will be a priest and will become lord of Terrebonne.

On March 17, 1693, he obtained a concession, located in Cap-St-Ignace, county of Montmagny: a seigneury also called Ste-Claire. It was from there that René Lepage bore the honorary name of Ste-CLaire.

Then a year later, on July 10, 1694, he traded everything he owned on Île d'Orléans for the still untapped seigneury of Rimouski, which had belonged to Augustin Rouer since 1688, without ever having cleared it. He left the Île d'Orléans for good in July 1696, after the death of his mother, accompanied by his wife, his 5 children and his father Germain.

On November 4, 1696, he acquired the seigneury of Anse-aux-Coques (or Lepage-Thibierge), with Gabriel Thibierge married to Marie-Madeleine Lepage (the eldest daughter of Louis Lepage); He will expand the seigneury on May 7, 1697.

On August 25, 1703, it expanded from the Pachot fiefdom to the Métis River through a market with Charlotte-Françoise Juchereau. He also obtains part of the seigneury of Pierre Lessard (or Pointe-aux-Pères or LaMollaye). Pierre Lessard was the son of Lord Etienne de Lessard. He was married on April 16, 1690 to Marie-Barbe Fortin, widow of Pierre Gagnon, the father of Marie-Madeleine Gagnon, wife of René Lepage.

René died on August 4, 1718 in Rimouski, at the age of 62. Pierre, the eldest, becomes the 2nd lord of Rimouski.

21 - Inhabitants of Rimouski in 1758

In 1758, Rimouski had only 72 people, among them: the Lepages (arrived in 1696); the St-Laurent and the Gosselins (1696); the Desrosiers (1718); the Gasses (1724); the Pineaus (1730); the Côté (1730); the Ruest (1734); the Bouillon (1738); the Canuel (1751); the Réhels (1751); the Proulx (171) and the Banville (1757).

22- Lordships and Lords of Lower River

1. Louis Rouer of Artigny, 27-04-1684 and 24-04-1688
2. Pierre de Niort from La Minotière, 01-05-1701
3. Jean-Baptiste Côté, 14-02-1711
4. Jean-Baptiste Côté (inherited from his father)

Three pistols
1. Charles Denis de Vitre, 06-01-1687
2. Denis Riverin, 13-11-1688, canceled 18-11-1688
3. Jean Rioux, 15-03-1696
4. Pierre de Niort de La Minotière, 1702 (second concession)
5. Nicolas Rioux, Vincent Rioux, Pierre Rioux, Marie-Madeleine Rioux (inherited from their father),
6. Nicolas Rioux buys from Pierre de Niort, 1712

1. Charles Denis de Vitre, 06-05-1675
2. Charles Aubert of Lachenaye, 13-11-1688

Rimouski + St-Barnabe Island
1. Augustin Rouer de Villeray and LaCardonnière, 24-04-1688
2. René Lepage from Sainte-Claire, 18-07-1694
3. Pierre Lepage of Saint-Barnabe

Lamollaie (or Lessard, or Pointe-au-Père)
1. Pierre Lessard and / and Barbe Fortin, 08-03-1696
2. René Lepage de Sainte-Claire (part by inheritance in favor of his wife Marie-Madeleine Gagnon)

Lepage-Thibierge (or Anse-aux-Coques or Ste-Luce)
1. René Lepage de Sainte-Claire and Gabriel Thibierge, 14-11-1696
2. Pierre Lepage of Saint-Barnabe


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