Did you know that…

1- Lepage glue (LePage'Glue)

The inventor is William Nelson Le Page, born on 25 August 1849, in Prince Edward Island, he made a career as a chemist in Gloucester, Mass., USA. He died in Vancouver, September 14 1919 at the age of 70 years. glue

2- Royal LePage

Royal LePage owes its name to the merger of Royal Trust and a real estate company, led by its founder Albert A. Lepage, real estate agent. Albert A. Lepage started his business in Toronto with 1913. Today Royal LePage spans throughout America, with more than 8000 real estate agents and 550 offices.

3- Girls of the King

"Thus, thanks to their tenacity and courage, inherited from the ancestors, the" daughters of the king ", with their predecessors, are the mothers of the French-Canadian people, who have ensured the survival and preservation of their moral heritage and The descendants of these humble women do not have to blush or deny them, but must be proud of them. "

There was Constance Lepage, the sister of Germain and Louis as well as Mary Rogère:Daughters of the king

4- Jacques Cartier: explorer

5- The Carignan-Salières Regiment, arrived in Quebec City in the summer 1665

Our Ancestors Germain and Louis were they part of it? According to the list of soldiers, there was no Lepage. Regiment

6- The Lepage monument at the entrance to the city of Rimouski

The Lepage monument in Rimouski was designed by a well-known architect from Rimouski: Firmin Lepage. Firmin, a native of Ste-Blandine, did his primary studies at Ste-Blandine and his classical studies at the Rimouski seminar (1945-1953). He then studied architecture at the School of Architecture of the University of Montreal. He died on 25 September 2001 in Rimouski.

Firmin Lepage practiced his profession in the construction and renovation of religious, cultural and administrative buildings realizing more than 69 projects of this nature in the Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie regions. He designed, among other things, the plans for the construction or renovation of many churches, including the renovation of the Rimouski Cathedral in 1967. He also directed the Battlefield Restigouche Interpretation Center in Pointe-à-la-Croix (1985). He is also responsible for the Lepage monument at the entrance to the city of Rimouski.

7- The cross road called "The Maurice Lepage Cross"

This cross road, located at 7-8 rank in St-Marcellin-de-Rimouski, was built in 1918 by Alfred Lepage.

8- An inventor from Montreal, Adolphe Lepage:

Adolphe Lepage designs a water valve. The patent dates from 26 September 1879 and bears the number 10, 482. Cf "first inventions quebecois", Guy Giguère, editions Quebecor. Thank you Denis.

9- His Excellency Jacques Roy, ambassador to France:

Mr. Jacques Roy is of Burgundian origin by his ancestor Antoine Roy. It is also by one of his great-grandmothers called Ursule Lepage (born in Rimouski, 28 December 1831, daughter of Eloi Lepage and Julienne Pineau, deceased in St-Anne-des-Monts, 2 August 1894).

10- Louis Lepage, lord and parish priest of Terrebonne

In 1715, Louis Lepage of Sainte-Claire, made by René Lepage, newly-appointed priest of Lachenaie, serves the first inhabitants of Terrebonne. In 1720, he bought the lordship of Terrebonne, created the mission "les Bois" and built the first chapel. He established mills on the seigniory, he is a lumber trader for the construction of the King's ships, and he even asks permission to operate iron mines. 1723 is the founding date of the parish of St-Louis de Terrebonne, now known as St-Louis-de-France.

11- Germain Lepage, son of Etienne Lepage and Nicole Berthelot:

He was born to 1636 at Notre-Dame-de-Ouanne, Auxerre, Yonne, France. He marries Queen Lory to 1658 at Ouanne, Auxerre. It is confirmed the 3 June 1664 in Quebec, at the age of 28 years. According to censuses, in 1666, he is a resident of Ile d'Orléans; in 1667, he lives with his brother Louis on the Island of Orleans on a land of fifteen arpents in value; in 1681, he lives with his wife and son René in the County of St. Lawrence and owns a rifle, twelve horned cattle and fifty acres of land worth.. In 1696, after the death of his wife, he left the Island to join his son René in Rimouski. He died on 26 February 1723 in Rimouski.

12- Etienne Lepage:

"Etienne Lepage. Born in a village other than Ouanne, near the city of Auxerre, he was still alive in 1648. He may have left France in 1672, with his daughter-in-law Reine Loury, his daughter Constance and his grandson René, to join his two sons, Louis and Germain, on the island of Orleans in Canada. In an act of baptism, established the 27 February 1673 in Sainte-Famille, we find the name of a certain Etienne Lepage, next to the names of Constance Lepage and René Lepage. The first ancestor of the Lepage family would have died in Canada at a very advanced age. Before 1627, in France, he married Nicole Berthelot. Born under the reign of King Henry IV, she was still alive in 1648. There is nothing to suggest that she, too, has gone to Canada, like her husband and children.
Text of Pierre Le Clercq »

13- St-Germain Parish of Rimouski:

The Germain element evokes the name of Rimouski's first inhabitant, Germain Lepage, father of René Lepage, Sieur de Sainte-Claire, who acquires, in 1694, the seigniory of Rimouski originally conceded to Augustin Rouer de Villeray and La Cardonnière, in 1688. As for Rimouski, taken from the name of the river that crosses the territory and which we find the mention in 1688, in the act of concession of the fief and seigneury of Rimouski and Saint-Barnabé, it goes back, according to Monsignor Laflèche, to a word Micmac, animouski in the language of the Saulteaux, animousk, dog, and ki or gi, abode. Source:welcome to rimouski city

14- The surname Lepage:

Among the most common surnames in Quebec, the surname Lepage comes to 122th rank, well after Tremblay (1), Gagnon (2), Roy (3), Côté (4), Bouchard (5), Gauthier (6), Morin (7), Lavoie (8), Fortin (9), Dubé (24) ................. Soucy (239).

15- Lepage Bakeries: History

Lepage Bakeries, well known in New England, was founded in Lewiston, Maine, in 1903 by a native of Ile-d'Orléans: François-Régis Lepage (son of François-Xavier Lepage and Vitaline Lepage) . FX Lepage was born on 13 March 1873 in St-François, IO and married Vitaline Giguère on January 24 1898 in St-François, IO He died in 1949. The company Lepage Bakeries celebrates this year (2003) its centenary of foundation.

Albert R. Lepage, Chairman
Lepage Bakeries, Inc.
PO Box 1900
Auburn, Maine 04211-1900

Here is what Albert R. Lepage, president of the company (Sept2003) says.

We celebrated the 100th Anniversary of our company this summer. Grandfather, Francois Regis Lepage, was born in St. Francois, Ile d'Orleans in 1873. He moved to the United States in 1888. His wife Vitaline Giguere was born in Ste-Famille, Orleans Island. They had 11 children born in the USA. My father, Regis A. Lepage, was the only son. He married Corinne Croteau and had four children, one of whom is me.

My siblings, Lucille Lepage Sedgeley of New York City, Francoise Odette Lepage of San Rafael CA, and Regis F. Lepage of Auburn ME will be joining your organization.
The following is a short exerp from our company's history ..

Lepage Bakeries is the largest and one of the last independent premium commercial, private label, and food service baking companies in New England. The company distributes its Country Kitchen and Barowsky's products throughout northeastern United States.

The Lepage Bakeries Story began when François Regis Lepage (1873-1949) established his bakery shop in 1903 on Lewiston, Maine's Chestnut Street. Regis A. Lepage (1910-1985), EN only his joined the bakery in 1933. He guided the bakery through the Great Depression, World War II, the introduction of the Country Kitchen brand in 1951 and the development of "batter whipped" 1954.

By the time Regis A. retired in 1979, Lepage Bakeries had become one of Northern New England's major wholesale bakeries.

Chairman Albert R. Lepage, Regis A.'s, and President / CEO Andrew P. Barowsky, who joined the Company in 1971 and 1977 respectively, have further expanded the business. In 1993, Bakery Production and Marketing, the industry's leading publication, Lepage Bakeries as the Wholesale Baker of the Year, citing the Company's leadership approach to growth, technology and productivity. The Company opened a new state-of-the-art plant in Brattleboro, Vermont in May 1994, to meet the ever-expanding demand for our quality products.

Albert R. Lepage, President

16- Anniversary

The 8 June 2004 will mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Athanase Lepage, grandfather of Marius, Maurice, Charles and Jean-Paul Lepage, of the Board of Directors of Lepage families, as well as several other members of the Association.

17- Weddings Lepage-Rioux-Côté-St Laurent-D'Amours

Descendants of ancestor Etienne Lepage frequent the descendants of Lord Rioux of Trois-Pistoles and Lord Côté of Isle-verte:

Nicolas-Dominique (son of René Lepage, lord of Rimouski) marries in 1742 Marie-Madeleine Rioux, a daughter of Nicolas Rioux, lord of Trois-Pistoles

Paul (son of René) marries in 1734 Marie-Catherine Rioux, a daughter of Nicolas Rioux

Véronique Lepage (daughter of Pierre Lepage (son of René), 2e lord of Rimouski) wife in 1749 Etienne Rioux, a son of Nicolas Rioux.

Pierre Lepage (son of Pierre Lepage) marries in 1749 Véronique Rioux, a daughter of Nicolas Rioux.

Germain Lepage (son of Pierre Lepage) marries in 1748 Marie-Geneviève Rioux, a daughter of Nicolas Rioux.

Marie-Agnès Lepage (daughter of Pierre Lepage) marries in 1744 Basile Côté, son of Gabriel Côté, lord of L'Isle-verte.

Isabelle Lepage (daughter of Pierre Lepage) wife in 1753 Jean-Baptiste Côté, son of Jean Côté, first lord of Isle-Verte.

Nicolas Rioux, the lord of Trois-Pistoles, is the son of Jean Rioux and Catherine Leblond, the ancestor of all the Rioux of America. from Ploujean, a small village in Finistère, Brittany. Gabriel Côté is the son of Jean Côté, lord of L'Isle-verte, grandson of Jean Costé dit frisé landroche, the ancestor of Côté d'Amérique. Seigneurie of Green Island

Constance Garinet, the daughter of Constance Lepage (sister of Germain and Louis Lepage, wife in 1699 Pierre Laurent or St-Laurent, son of Etienne St-Laurent (the ancestor of the St. Lawrence) and Marguerite Viger.

Joseph St-Laurent, son of Pierre St-Laurent, wife in 1739 Marie-Louise Rioux, a daughter of Nicolas Rioux, lord of Trois-Pistoles.

Marie-Geneviève St-Laurent, the daughter of Joseph St-Laurent, wife in 1763 Ambroise D'Amours of Trois-Pistoles (the ancestor of D'Amours d'Amérique). Ambroise D'Amours marries the little daughter of the lord of Trois-Pistoles and becomes co-lord of Trois-Pistoles.

18- History of Toussaint Cartier:

Toussaint Cartier1 (1707 - 1767)
He is born to 1707. He arrives in 1728 at the parish of Saint-Germain de Rimouski. He had traveled the road which, through the forest, led from Restigouche to Métis by Lake Matapedia. Toussaint Cartier hosted Sieur Pierre Lepage of Saint-Barnabé on Saint-Barnabé Island, opposite Rimouski. The 5 November 1728, the Sieur Pierre Lepage of Saint-Barnabé makes him a donation of a ground in the Île Saint-Barnabé in the presence of Father Ambroise Rouillard, Basile Gagnier and Charles Souslevent. He is a hermit on St. Barnabas Island. He helps the survivors of the sinking of the "Holy Spirit" in Rimouski, whose only survivors are Loubarat, DeCondamin, DeSouvenier, Abbot Joseph Chesnot and Pierre Brunet. On January 29 1767, Charles Lepage, noting that there was no fire at the fireplace in his cabin, brought him home. Toussaint dies on January 30 1767 at Saint-Germain parish of Rimouski and is buried 31 January 1767 in the church of Saint-Germain parish of Rimouski by Father Ambroise Rouillard.

19- Seigneurie Lepage of St. Clair:

Sainte-Claire See map, seigneury 11, near Cap-Saint-Ignace

* County-MRC / County-RCM: Montmagny
* Municipalities / Municipalities:
* Extended / Area: 1 leagues x 2 leagues behind / behind Won and Gamache
* Lords / Landlords:
1. René Lepage of St. Clair, 17-03-1693
2. Pierre Lepage of Saint-Barnabé (inherited from his father / inherited from his father), 1718

20- René Lepage Sieur de Sainte-Claire (son of Germain & Reine Loury)

René Lepage was christened the 10 April 1656, in Ouanne in Auxerre. He was only 5 when his father, in 1661, left France to work in Canada. It was only in (probably) 1673 that he left France with his mother Reine Loury and aunt Constance Lepage. He will remain on the island of Orleans with his parents. The 10 June 1686, at 30 years, he marries Marie-Madeleine Gagnon (aged 15 years) in Ste-Anne de Beaupré, who will give him 16 children, 8 boys and 8 girls. One of his sons, Louis, will be a priest and become lord of Terrebonne.

The 17 March 1693, he obtains a concession, located in Cap-St-Ignace, Montmagny County: lordship also called Ste-Claire. It was from there that René Lepage bore the honorary name of Ste-Claire.

Then a year later, the 10 July 1694, he traded all he had on the Island of Orleans against the seigneury still untapped Rimouski, which belonged to Augustin Rouer since 1688, without ever having cleared it. He finally leaves the island of Orleans in July 1696, after the death of his mother, accompanied by his wife, his 5 children and his father Germain.

The 4 November 1696, he acquires the seigniory of Anse-aux-Coques (or Lepage-Thibierge), with Gabriel Thibierge married with Marie-Madeleine Lepage (the eldest daughter of Louis Lepage); It will enlarge the lordship 7 May 1697.

The 25 August 1703, it grows from the stronghold Pachot to the Métis River by a market with Charlotte-Francoise Juchereau. He also gets part of the lordship of Pierre Lessard (or Pointe-aux-Pères or LaMollaye). Pierre Lessard was the son of the lord Etienne de Lessard. He was married on 16 April 1690 to Marie-Barbe Fortin, widow of Pierre Gagnon, the father of Marie-Madeleine Gagnon, wife of René Lepage.

René died on August 4 1718 in Rimouski, at the age of 62 years. Pierre, the eldest, becomes the 2e lord of Rimouski.

21 - Inhabitants of Rimouski in 1758

In 1758, Rimouski has only 72 people, among them: Lepage (arrived in 1696); St. Lawrence and Gosselin (1696); the Desrosiers (1718); the Gasse (1724); Pineau (1730); the Side (1730); the Ruest (1734); Broth (1738); the Canuel (1751); the Réhel (1751); Proulx (171) and Banville (1757).

22- Lordships and Lords of Lower River

1. Louis Rouer of Artigny, 27-04-1684 and 24-04-1688
2. Niort stone from La Minotière, 01-05-1701
3. Jean-Baptiste Côté, 14-02-1711
4. Jean-Baptiste Côté (inherited from his father)

Three pistols
1. Charles Denis of Vitré, 06-01-1687
2. Denis Riverin, 13-11-1688, canceled 18-11-1688
3. Jean Rioux, 15-03-1696
4. Pierre de Niort from La Minotière, 1702 (second concession)
5. Nicolas Rioux, Vincent Rioux, Pierre Rioux, Marie-Madeleine Rioux (inherited from their father),
6. Nicolas Rioux buys from Pierre de Niort, 1712

1. Charles Denis of Vitré, 06-05-1675
2. Charles Aubert of Lachenaye, 13-11-1688

Rimouski + St-Barnabé Island
1. Augustin Rouer de Villeray and LaCardonnière, 24-04-1688
2. René Lepage of St. Clair, 18-07-1694
3. Pierre Lepage of St. Barnabas

Lamollaie (or Lessard, or Pointe-au-Père)
1. Pierre Lessard and / and Barbe Fortin, 08-03-1696
2. René Lepage of Sainte-Claire (inheritance in favor of his wife Marie-Madeleine Gagnon)

Lepage-Thibierge (or Anse-aux-Coques or Ste-Luce)
1. René Lepage of St. Clair and Gabriel Thibierge, 14-11-1696
2. Pierre Lepage of St. Barnabas