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Lepage Family Dictionary

The first edition of Genealogical dictionary of the Lepage families was published during the gathering of the Lepage families in 1996. This 386-page book contained more than 20 names, including more than 000 marriages.

The new 2004 edition includes 2 volumes with a total of 888 pages, approximately 52,000 names, 22,400 marriages and over 5000 different surnames (names).

This new edition includes the descendants of:

Etienne Lepage and Nicole Berthelot, de Ouanne, Auxerre, Burgundy, France. Their two sons: Germain Lepage, married to Reine Lory (whose son René was Lord of Rimouski) and Louis Lepage, married to Sébastienne Loignon, are the first LePages to arrive in Canada (in 1661). Their sister, Constance Lepage wife of François Garinet, arrived a few years later.

Jean-Baptiste Pagési (known as St-Amand and Lepage), married to Marie-Catherine Gladu on February 14, 1684 in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, native of Gémozac, Charente-Maritime, France

Gaspard Lepage (son of François Lepage and Antoinette Marigné), married to Madeleine Gauthier on February 22, 1762 in L'Assomption, native of Chamberry, Savoie, France

Blaise Lepage, married to Marie Loup-Polonais on September 5, 1718 in Quebec, native of Phil-Riberpré, Seine-Maritime, France.

Pierre Francois (dit Lepage), married to Madeleine Gaumond on August 16, 1670 in Quebec, from St-Laurent-de-la-Prée, Charente-Maritime, France.

Jacques Lepage, married to Marie-Françoise Rose on August 12, 1694 in Quebec, Villebois-Lavalette, Charente, France.

Antoine Pagé said St-Antoine (Le page), married to Madeleine Colin on December 31, 1698 in Longueuil. Origin in France unknown.

Jean Page (Lepage), married to Marie-Madeleine Circé on November 14, 1763 in St-Philippe de Laprairie, originally from Coulanges-sur-Yonne, Auxerre, Burgundy, France.

Pierre LePage, married to Judith Quertier on August 6, 1720.

François-Joseph Lepage known as Beausoleil (son of Joseph-Algis Lepage), married to Marie-Catherine Belleau-Larose, originally from Picardy

 Lepage Family Dictionary
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Since we no longer print the paper dictionary,
we have made our website available to members under the tab genealogy. This tab now offers more than 129000 names of people from the beginning of the colony until today. We have expanded our search to include the descendants of the Lepage daughters through to grandchildren. We have also included the names Lepage, Page, Lapage, Pagé, Paget, Pagette, Pasch, Pasche, etc.

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