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Marriage contract of René Lepage and Marie-Madeleine Gagnon

(Jacob, 16 June 1686)
Pardevant Estienne Jacob notary to the bailiwick and seigniory of beaupré and tesmoings in endmen were presens the sieur germain le page and Reine Lorye his wife which he authorizes in this partye inhabitants of the seigneurie dargentenay to the count st Laurens being present in this ditte seigneurye stipulans for the sieur René Lepage their son of his conssenttement of a part

the sieur pierre gasgnon and beard fortin his espouse that he also authorizes in this partye aussy habesans audit beaupre parish of ste anne petict cap estans de presens in their House of residence stipulans similarly for Marie Magdelleine gasgnon their daughter aussy its conssenttely other

which parties in the presence of the consensent of their parents and amys assemble together

on the part of the aforementioned sieur Germain lepage and Reine Lorye and future espouses the Sieur Louis lepage and sebastienne Lognon his wife francois guerinet and constance Lepage his uncles uncle and aunts paternal and Maternal said future sir, and said sieur gasgnon beard fort and future espouse the sieurs pierre gasgnon the vincenne pair of varieux paternal ayeuls of the future ditte espouse the sieur Julien fortin and geneviefve gasmache aussy the ayeuls Materneles and sr Joseph gasgnon his brother sieur paul gasgnon prestre and Missionary doing the curial functions instead of the baye st paul of the sisters Jean gasgnon marguerite Racine and noel gasgnon geneviefve fortin his wife all paternal uncles of the future ditte espouse, charles eustache Joseph Jasques Julien pierre fortin Louis and Jean fortin the sieur Jean the Picard Merchant bourgeois of the city quebeq Marye anne fortin his wife Marguerite fortin all uncles and tanttes Maternal of the future ditte espouse, s Mathurin Gasgnon grand uncle of the future dice espouse, sieur Mathurin vincant Jacques Jean Gasgnon the cousins ​​Issue of siblings of the sieur germain and Raphael gasgnon with his cousins ​​Issued of siblings dallexis and Jean gravel of the sisters Jean carron Marguerite his wife Louis gasgnier and Marie Gasgnon his wife all cousins ​​of the ditte future espouse of Philipes clement said of the high escuyer sieur de valerenne captain of Infantry de claude de Ramesay escuyer sieur of the gesture leutenant captain of Monsieur de trois Jasques francois knight of three escuier lieutenant en la ditte compaignie Joseph de Cabanac escort of sieur noel pare and Margueritte carron his wife of the sisters Robert giguierd and Esmee mainville have Recognized and conffessé to have made good faith the traicte and agreement of Marriage and convention next

That is to say that the said sieur Pierre gasgnon and barbe fortin have promised and promise to yawn and give the ditty Marie Magdeleine gasgnon their daughter by name and loy of Marriage of his said conssenttement to the said sieur Rene lepage auusy of the conssentt of so called father and Mere has promised and promises to take her for his wife and legitimate wife in front of our Mother Church, under the license, to do the most that will be done and that it will be free between them, to be as indeed the so-called futures will be one and common in all bad goods conquest Immauble according to the coustume of paris soubs which their ditte communtee will be Reglee and nobnostant rgovernnee that at the dissolution of said future Marriage They were remainans and their said goods located under sebs and disposition contrary to which the said parties have queued and Renounces for that look

Nevertheless, this will be the future espouse held deby ny hipothesque his future future fakes and created before the Day of their espousailles which if none are will be taken and aquitees on the property own and particular said future sioux espoux without those of the ditte future espouse or those of the community are held in favor and contemplation of which future marriage says sieur Pierre gasgnon and barbe Fortin father and mother of the ditte future espouse donate and constitute in dowry to future her daughter spouse the sum of two hundred books tournaments that they solicitly promise without division discusion ny fideiution Renonceans audits profits provide yawn payes future audits espouses the eve of their espousailles the ditte sum conssistant in Own goods to Lusage and service of the future dice espouse and the price of estimation which will be made by two people to this cognosissant which sum of two hundred pounds will remain clean the future of the city to his family of his estates and line, in addition, said Mr. Pierre Gasgnon ayeul of said future Espoux for the good friendship that he carries them has liberallly given them and gives by these presents two bulls aages a year or about or the sum of sixty pounds in silver with the choices and option of the said future spouses, which sum of sixty pounds will also remain the property of the future espouse, moreover the aforesaid sieur Julien fortin has ayeuls Maternal of the future ditte he promises to give him a cow aged two years or so the said future godfather has gifted and gifted the future wife of the dowry coustumier or the sum of three hundred pounds of dowry prefix for a time to pay the choice and option of the future deity to take and take sitost that dower will take place on all and all the maubles and Immaubles presens and become of the said future mister espous with all and all the clothes and other clothes used by the ditte was A bride without a diminution of the said dowry of which as chosen will be by the future goddess she will have the delivery of the day of the decends of the said future spouses without which it is necessary to ask for it in justice also destigating the said parties has all the contrary auditions

the Survivor of the said future Spouses will have and will take as a precipitate such mourns of the said Community that he will choose according to the taking of the Inventory which will be made without Recruiting up to the sum of two hundred pounds or the sum in denier counters to the choice of said survivor

If durand and constant said future marriage It is sold or alien no heritages proper to one or the other of the said future spouses the deniers in coming will be Incontinent employed in achapts of other heritages to leave like nature of own to that or that dou They proceeded if of the dissolution the said Reploy was made the said money will be taken on the mass of the community ditte if it finds it sufisante if otherwise what will prevail in the eyes of the future dice will be taken again on the own property and particular said sieur espoux

It shall be open to the future wife to renounce the decision of the community by resuming all that may have come to her during the future marriage, either by hereditary inheritance or otherwise by the practical dower, on the whole, quite frankly, without any charge whatsoever. hipothesques of the ditte future community still what had it if it was obligated or condapnee of which it will be aquitee and paid on the goods of said future spouses or by the heirs for which recovery it will have his hipothesque of Ce Jourdhuy on all the said goods

in the event of the prediction of the future spouse, his heirs will have the same faculty and option to take or give up the community in this case to take back all that the future wife will bring to the future marriage and all that Icelluy will have happened to him and escheu as said is to the Reserve of the sum of fifty pounds which will remain to this future espoux for no way the damage of fraix and charges of said future Marriage provided that it has no children alive dicelluy

In the same favor and contemplation of the said future marriage, the aforementioned sieurs Germain lepage and Reine Lorye, father and mother of the aforesaid future mistress, have by their present gift given to Icelluy their future husband their son and solicitously solicited the renunciations required of him to give him a residence. scise and scetted county audit St Laurens parish st francois containing four arpens of land frontage on the edge of the river st Laurens and deep up to half of Isle which forms said count on which there is a manable barn and stable house with approximately fifty acres of land in plowing near woods circumstances and dependencies dicelle to enjoy and dispose by said future espousal of the Day of their espousailles as things pertaining to them in the mean of presenttes provided, however, that the house ditte and its dependencies will remain clean audit the future spouse of his son is estoc and line and that said future can not preten to claim shares of the property of the future inheritance of his so-called father and mother, after the decree of the survivor two, and that the said sieurs and germain lepage and Reine Lorye will be able to remain in the House of the said dwelling a year durand with the said future spouses It is expressly agreed that the grains which are present on the said dwelling shall be collected by the aforesaid future husband and wife and the half shall be paid to the aforesaid sieur Germain lepage Car, so that all has been agreed and expressly agreed upon in the said parties. making and passing these presents nobnostant all disposition and Loix to the contrary to which the said parties have asked and Renounce for this regard obliging everyone in right so called said father and mother of said future spouses solicely as said is sobligant and promising Renouncing faict and passes in the House of the said Pierre gasgnon and barbe Fortin the lundy dixsiesme Day of June before Midy L year M VIe eighty-six in the presence (white) who have with the future future espouse germain and louis lepage barbe fortin Julien and Joseph fortin Jean and noel gasgnon geneviefve fort Jean the picard vincant gasgnon the aforesaid philips so said of the high escuyer sieur de valerenne claude of Ramesay Joseph cabanaq escort and Jacques francois knight of troys and have the said future espouse said siblings Pierre gasgnon father and son Julien fortin geneviefve gamache Mathurin gasgnon Jean Carron Margueritte gasgnon louis gasgnier Marie gasgnon all desclares not scavoir escribe ny sign this enquis following the order

René Lepage Lepage

Louis page Jean Gagnon Noel Gaignon

Joseph Fortin Julien Fortin

Vincant Gaignon Barbe Fortin
Geneviève Fortin

Vallerenne De Ramesay

Cabanac Le chevallier Detroyes Jacob

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