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Testament of Germain Lepage

dated September 10, 1713

In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father and Son and Holy Spirit, one God, in whom I believe, in whom I hope and whom I desire to love and to serve and to honor only during my life and forever.

I undersigned, I, Germain Lepage, 86 years old, declare that God having granted me the grace to consider with abandon and confidence, the fragility of human life and to see that it is usually followed by a surprising and improvised death , he was also kind enough to inspire me to achieve this incomparable surprise and to prepare myself for this last moment, by freeing me now from all affairs, their frivolity, so as not to have to death, any thought that my salvation, which makes me rejoice, after invoking the graces of the Holy Spirit and seriously considering the duty of my conscience, to make this will of mine, which I dictate, write and sign with my own hand, with complete freedom and a perfect use of my reason, wanting it to be punctually executed immediately after my death, according to the keeping of the following notes.

I pray my children that they want to accomplish something that has happened to me in my life, even though I have confessed to it. I found that the penance that I did for it according to that ordered it to me by my confessor was not suitable for the thing, which is why, I tell my children to give a hundred sols for satisfaction, with thirty sols that , on the other hand, which I picked up ten years ago ashore, knowing very well who they belonged to and I have not returned them.

After my death, they will put me in a coffin and take me to my chapel or whatever it is in a holy place, and they will keep me there, until God grants me the grace that one day comes to bury me and when burial will have come, I will be pulled out of the coffin and put in my grave naked, that is to say, buried in my Third Order garb.

Germain Lepage

Rimouski, 10 September 1713

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