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P / S I am looking for the parents' names, place and date of marriage of the following couples:

Adjutor Lepage and Félixime Plante. Child: Maurice

Adolphe Lepage and Elizabeth Palmatier. Child: Lester A.

Loved Lepage and Thérèse Lalonde. Child: Daniel.

Albert Lepage and Nora Lepage. Child: Derek

Albert Lepage and Laurenda Lefebvre. Child: Cécile

Albert Lepage and Léa Loiselle

Alderic Lepage and Wilda Henderson. Child: James

Alexandre Lepage and Alexandrine Thisdel. Child: Marcel

Alfred Lepage and Anne Aurore Mayer. Child: Stella

Alphonse Lepage and Rose Marion. Child: Flora

Andrew Lepage and Elizabeth Mellish. Children: Jane, Thomas and John.

Angelique Lepage and Louis Lemieux

Antoine Lepage and Marguerite Bissonnet. Child: Pierre

Antoine Lepage and Marie-Yvonne Gariépy. Child: Edmond

Antoine Lepage and Alma Martin

Antoine Lepage and Winnifred McLauglin. Child: Marie and Marguerite

Armand Lepage and Albertine Chrétien. Child: Lionel

Armand Lepage and Thérèse Quesnel. Child: Jocelyne

Arthur Page-Lepage and Joséphine Beaudry. Children: Eva and Marie-Jeanne

Aurele Lepage and Majella Davidson. Child: Michel

Bernardin Lepage and Charlotte Forget. Child: Charlotte

Blanche Lepage and Joseph-Eugène Daniel

Benoit Lepage and Nicole Langevin.

Bernard Lepage and Louise Lefebvre

Bernard Lepage and Gisèle Villeneuve. Children: Philippe and Pascal

Bob Lepage and Rita Neveu

Camille Lepage and Léose Lalonde

Celina Lepage and Joseph Lavergne, Dec. 1899, L'Orignal

Celine Lepage and Thaddeus Gwozdz, Montreal

Charles Lepage and Henriette Landry. Child: Jacob

Charles Lepage and Gabrielle Naud. Child: Guy A.

Claire Lepage and Gilles Gagnon, mr. Charlesbourg, Qc

Claude Lepage and Micheline Arpin. Children: Claudette, Mario, Mark, Jocelyne, Serge and Louise.

Donat Lepage and Clairine (Germaine) Fauteux. Child: Germaine

Edmond Lepage and Lise Lebeault. Child: Daniel

Edmond Lepage and Thérèse Vandal. Children: Gilles and Johanne

Edmond Lepage and Rita Maurais. Child: chantal

Edouard Lepage and Louise Fortin. Child: Joseph

Edward Lepage and Constance McCarthy. Child: Judith

Edward Le Page and Stella Richards. Child: Edward

Elphege Lepage and Pauline Lefebvre. Child: Francine

Emelie lepage and Joseph Arnold Lepage. Child: Alexandre Lepage (Marie-Louise-Jeanne Trottier m. On September 14, 1940 in Ottawa, Ont.

Emile Lepage and Rosée Poirier. Child: Jeannine

Emile Le Page and Alice Sansouci. Child: Robert

Emma Lepage and Siméon Girard

Ernest Lepage and Lydia Boivin. Child: Gérard

Ernest Lepage and Marie Morin. Child: Marie-Reine

Eudore Lepage and Marie Duford. Child: Rosa

Eugene Lepage and Louise Carignan. Child: Gabriel

Francis Lepage and Nathalie Lajoie. Child: Vanessa

Francis James Lepage and Vina Journeau. Child: Vernon

François Lepage and Marie-Louise Brouillet. Child: François

François Lepage and Délia Lapointe. Child: Albert

François Lepage and Marie Lorrain. Child: Michel

Frank Lepage and Lina Lemieux. Child: Michelle

Frank Lepage and Robina Ryan. Child: Ryan

Frank Lepage and Eliane Atlan. Child: Devorah

Frank R. Lepage and Angeline Ratel. Children: Frank, Obline, Louis-Joseph and Ida

Fred Lepage and Edna Burn. Child: Majorie

Florent Lepage Children: Sylvain and Martin

Georges Lepage and Geneviève Le Boucher. Children: Annick, Chantal, Jean-Olivier and Jean-Marc.

Gerald Lepage and Rita?. Child: Gerald and Susan

Gerard Lepage and Hélène Charron. Child: Denis Lepage (France Mayer, m. On April 13, 1985 in Montreal.

Guy Lepage and blooming Martha. Children: Guy-Olivier and Marie-Eve Lepage

Henri Lepage and Eva Dagneault. Child: Thérèse

Henry Lepage and Marguerite Provost. Child: Jacob-Olivier

Hippolyte Lepage Child: Sophie

Horace Lepage and Léonie Cyr. Children: Mary Alice, Mary Margaret, Raymond, Mary Grace Evelyn, Mary Bertha V., Arthur Leslie and Harold A ..

Isidore Lepage and Mary? Child: Joseph

Isidore Lepage and Aurore Bellemare. Child: Louis

Jacques Lepage and Jeannine Nadeau. Children: Suzanne, François and Jean

Jacques Lepage and Hélène Guillemette. Child: Marie-France Lepage (Paul Paradis m. On June 7, 1980 in Quebec.

Jacques Lepage and Hélène Michaud. Child: Jean-François Lepage, born June 4, 1987 in Ste-Anne-des-Monts.

James Lepage and Helen Hastings. Child: Helen

James Lepage and Madeleine Landry. Child: Emmanuel

James Lepage and Bridget McSorley. Child: Alexander

James Lepage and Agnès Payant. Child: Marie-Antoinette

Jean Lepage and Susan Hudson, c. 1830. Children: Suzanne Lepage (Michel Lessard m. on June 10, 1860 in LaPasse, Ont.) and François Lepage (Anne Mongrain, m. on January 5, 1863 in Chapeau).

Jean Lepage and Marie Côté Child: Aimé

Jean Lepage and Marie Perron. Child: Caroline

Jean-Baptiste Le page and Marguerite Demers. Child: Louise

Jean-Baptiste Lepage and Marguerite Dignard. Child: Dora

Jean-Baptiste Lepage and Marguerite (Marie-Anne) Gendron. Child: Angèle

Jean-Baptiste Lepage and Agathe Cod. Child: Jean-Baptiste

Jean-Baptiste Le page and Marie-Thérèse Presseau. Child: Marie-Thérèse

Jean-Paul Lepage and Angéline Bellabey. Child: Marie-Blanche

Jeremiah Lepage and Emilie Lemay, m. September 14, 1841 in Curran, Ont .. Children: Jérémie, Virginie, Joseph, Louise, Napoléon, Joséphine, Mélina, Philomène, Honoré-André, Lucie and Alexandre Lepage.

John (or John) Lepage and Mary Baron. Child: Jean-Baptiste Lepage (Cécilia Vandette m. On November 28, 1815, St-Raphaël, Ont

John Lepage and Alice Charette. Child: Louis

John Lepage and Eliza Desreaux. Child: John Eugene.

John Edward LePage and Irene Mortimer Louden. Child: Robert L.

Joseph Lepage and Anne Lepage. Children: Martine, Louise, Edmé and Denis.

Joseph Lepage Children: Julian and Prosper.

Joseph Lepage Child: Peter

Joseph Lepage and Mina. Children: Albina and Julie.

Joseph Lepage and Dorothy Brazeau. Child: Ronald

Joseph Lepage and Céleste Asselin. Child: Joseph

Joseph Lepage and Délida Charron. Children: Rose-Anne, Roméo and Marie-Rose

Joseph Lepage and Marie Dohl (k) is. Children: Germaine and Claire

Joseph Lepage and Alexina Doyon. Child: Madeleine

Joseph Lepage and Imeltine Gaulot (Arméline Goulet?). Child: Emery Joseph

Joseph Lepage and Mary Shelmerdine. Child: Richard

Joseph Lepage and Marie Rioux. Children: Romeo, Cécile, Roger and Marcelline

Joseph Lepage and Elizabeth Plante. Child: Albina

Joseph Lepage and Domitilde Perreault. Child: Alexandre

Joseph Lepage and Marie-Louise Lussier. Child: Rolande

Joseph Lepage and Tharsile Lavigne. Child: Caroline

Joseph Lepage and Mary Houle. Children: Barthélémi-Gérard and Martial

Joseph Lepage and Azilda Guérin. Child: Joseph

Joseph Lepage and Nora Goulet. Child: Normand

Leo Lepage and Luména Beaudoin. Child: Jacques

Leonard Lepage Child: Anne-Marie

Louis Lepage and Mary-Jane Demers. Child: Clarence

Louis Lepage and Magd. Swell. Child: Pierre

Louis Lepage and Lola McKibbon. Children: Marvin, Marlene and Faye

Louise Lepage and Henri Dufresne

Luc Lepage and Marcellina Jarvic. Child: Cajatan

Lucide Lepage and Irène Albert. Child: Russel

Marc Lepage (born Verner, Ont) and Nicole Arbor (m. June 15, 1974). Children: Bruno and Martin Lepage

Marcel Lepage and Noella Audet. Child: Joseph-Jean-Noël Lepage (born August 19, 1965.

Marcel Lepage and Sheila Gail Bigelow. Children: Luke and Maurice

Marcel Lepage and Huguette Leduc. Children: Claude and Marc

Marcel (David?) Lepage and Béatrice Vanier. Child: Marcel

Maria Lepage and Louis Brisson (1899)

Marie Lepage and Pierre Lepage. Children: Jean and Sylvie

Mario Lepage and Marie-France Potvin. Child: Simon

Martin lepage and Marie-Josée Derome. Child: Félix

Martin lepage and Mona Dugas. Children: Maxime-Mathieu and Jean-François

Martin lepage and Judith Henry. Child: Jacques-Jules

Martin lepage and Marie-Andrée Roy. Children: Xavier and Jean-Félix

Mathide Lepage and Philias Dodier. Mathilde died April 19, 1917

Mathilde Lepage and Elie Paquet

Maurice Lepage and Berthe Angers. Child: Antoine

Maurice Lepage and Claudette Leduc. Child: Carole

Michael Lepage and Délia Dorison. Child: Joseph

Michel Lepage and Adélaide Villeneuve. Children: Adélaïde, Angélique, Edesse, Betsy, Olivier, Jean, Rosalie, Sophie and Lambert Lepage (Rose-Délima Provost m. Le?

Michel Lepage and Lyne Brisson. Child: Mylène

Nicolas Lepage and Marie Savard. Child: Marie

Nicolas Lepage and Lizzie Silver. Child: Nicolas

Noel Lepage and Marguerite Levesque. Child: Adélard

Noel Lepage and Lois Bruce. Children: Lorraine and Frances

Olivier Lepage and Délia Riel. Children: Marie-Louise, Albina, Louis and Marcelline

Omer Lepage and Gabrielle Trudel. Children: Paul-Omer, Fernand, France and Claude

Osmond The Page and Mildred. Child: Bertram Osmond

Paul Lepage and Diana (Palmyre?) Lévesque. Child: Jean 1893

Patrice Lepage and Basilisse Brideau. Child: Alfred

Pierre Lepage and Camille Blais. Christian child

Pierre Lepage and Elise Dancause. Child: Elise

Peter Lepage Adéline Gordon: children sarah, George, Charles-Edward, Doris Ella, Peter, Herman

Pierre Lepage and Marie Lepage Children: Jean and Sylvie

Rene-Paul Lepage and Thérèse Bérotte. Child: André

Richard Lepage and Patricia? Children: Wyatt Bradley and Tristan Mackenzie 2000

Robert Lepage and Patricia McMahon. Child: Peggi (Margaret)

Robert J. Lepage and Rena M. Girard. Child: Joseph-Robert

Roger Lepage and Beverly Hill. Child: Cheryl

Roland Lepage and? Children: Geryl, Michel and Denis

Serge Lepage and Lucie Tremblay. Child: Johanne

Theophile Lepage and Délia Leclerc. Child: André

Ulric Lepage and Imelda Bernard. Child: Marielle

Ulric Lepage and Aurore Lemieux. Child: Muriel Estelle

Ulric-Urgele Lepage and Olivina Durand. Children: Marie-Louise, Rose-Alma and Joseph

Victor Lepage and Alice Durand. Child: Cecile Alice

Victor Lepage and Jeannette Jolicoeur. Children: Lucille, Léonard, Lucien and Paul

Walter Lepage and Rosanna Cadieux. Children: Aurore, Ruth Liliane M. and Walter Roland Roger

Wilford LePage and Rachel Ridley. Children: William and Evelyn Mae

Wilfrid Lepage and Alexina Morin. Child René

William Lepage and Marguerite Gagnon. Child: Théodore

William Lepage (Page?) And Esther Otis. Child: Etienne

Yvan Lepage and Lise St-Pierre. Children: Mélanie and Valérie

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